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Kimi's IMVU Catalog
One stop shopping - hundreds of realistic hairstyles, dazzling eyes and flawless skins.

Rank Site In Out
1 WebWenchGinger
824 601

Themed IMVU content by WebWenchGinger. All original textures, unique designs and custom work. Open 24/7 for all the shop-a-holics! ;)
2 ExoticaClass/SeductionCouture/69ParkAveCouture
798 826

Find your little piece of Exotic Paradise! Shop ExoticaClass, SeductionCouture & 69ParkAveCouture! Glamour, Wealth, Luxury & Happiness!
3 AngelsHavingFun
594 324

Fun, Hot, Personal and Unique Items. From Stickers, Clothes,Hairs To Homes, Custom Stickers too. If you were here you would be shopping now.
4 Shared bling project
564 957

I have 2 shared bling projects if you want to join just ask!

If you cannot afford a bling on imvu or a new bling, just join with us in our shared bling projects ;)
5 Anaclara Gonzalez, Your eyes is your soul
550 440
My catalog is exclusive of eyes, but they are special eye products, because some of them has included the brows and eyelashes ;)
Grab my eye badge on my page!
6 Lawbringers Catalog
524 734
Lawbringer Designs: "Fullfilling Demonic Desires Daily"
7 BlackCat's HeartBroken Boutique
180 318
Realistic hair, eyes and clothes!
All uniquely made and low priced!
8 BadHatCreations
175 218

Nascar stickers, furniture, clothing
9 Whimsee
161 328
Discover the magic of your imagination! Derivables, fashionable clothing, accessories, enhancers and much much more!
10 IMVU: My Avatar Page: MommaReggie
136 221

If you are a football fan, If you are a vampire or a werewolf, If you collect cute or funny stickers, come see what we have in store for you!
11 AngelHavingFun
124 261

Sticker,Clothes,Houses,And Hairs
122 270

*A world of fantasy and imagination is opened in front of you. Clothes, accessories, rooms, furniture, pets, stickers to decorate your hp...From cosplays to own creations :D
13 Buttercupsss "Oh Bunny! "Imvu Catalog
116 266
If your Feeling "Bunny" HOP By My Oh Bunny! Catalog: Rooms, Furniture, Bunny Suits, Ears, Diamond Necklaces, Garters, Bunny Heels & Tails, even Stickers, Cards and Stamps.
14 oOmagpieOo
115 271
Unique and detailed rooms, furniture, & accessories.
15 visval3nti
94 230

New DEV.....but with impressive textures..they cannot lose, top, bottoms, eyes, hair, accesories, skin ........ everything for the man
16 Avatar's By Design
92 300

Custom Avatars & Female Clothes
17 DraconisRaven Designs
90 266
IMVU Deveolper
rooms, Furniture,clothes...Best for less with Care!!
18 Dream Designs
84 266
Female clothing, shoes, hair, rooms and furniture.
19 My IMUV Catalog
79 217

My IMVU Catalog I do take requests.
20 Zrein Fantasy Developer
69 223

Zrein Fantasy developer,
Taking new request in summer holidays and xmax
21 LylacWynd's Products
69 248

Great Natural Hair textures for your every need! Stickers also included! Along the way...will be adding eyes!
22 CharlieTiggerGirl Designs
62 470
Nascar Products, Club Wear, Mix 'n' Match sets, Camo Products, Heroes Products, Swim Wear
23 MoonFairyDoll's Products
54 130

Unique IMVU products.

{ Custom Stickers, Hairstyles, Rooms, Furniture, Accessories and much more. }
24 sinsual
44 199
SimplySinsual designs for the sensual you. Elegant and classy clothing, furnishings, jewelry and home decor items designed for the discerning and sophisticated shopper.
25 SaphiraTonks Products
42 106
You can get anything from stickers to female stuff to male stuff.

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